Aspects of Anger: How Men Experience, Express and Own Their Anger

Posted by Kurt on Nov 16, 2011 in Meetings, Relationships, Resources, Work |

Anger is not primarily a masculine emotion, search doctor but it certainly seems to be one that men have easy access to.  Even the guy with the most limited of emotional repertoire will be well acquainted with anger.  There are rather primordial human reasons for this, recuperation but anger is also used as a shield by many men: they feel (fill in any softer emotion), order but it is safer to switch to anger.  And, in some circles, this may even be seen as more acceptable.  It is a way guys can try to be strong, but, ultimately, it just leads to a very limited (and possibly destructive) way of experiencing their lives.

Regardless of where it comes from, anger is often an issue for many men.  They can often vacillate between trying to contain (sometimes unsuccessfully) too much expression of anger and trying to live up to the postmodern notion of being the “nice guy” and not show it.  Struggles with anger with men can hurt relationships, lead to health problems, hold guys back on their personal development, and even land them in jail.  This is certainly a topic that could use some more discussion.

For the rest of this year, The Men’s Group will focus the blog and meetings to this important topic.  There are many ways to approach anger in men’s lives and we will take time to look at it from a few different angles.

Stay tuned!

(And, if you have any thoughts on this subject, please add your comments or contact me and I will try to include them.)


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